1. You walk along the beach and hear a faint whisper, drawing you to a seashell. You pick it up and hold it to your ear. 
2. You hear whispers through the shell, and the whispers become singing. A lullaby; an invitation. It is beautiful, but it soon glitches and becomes distorted, drawing you into the water.
3. With a splash, you become submerged. You hear music underwater. The sounds on the surface seem far away.
4. With a gasp, you emerge from the underwater world, but still hear the sirens' distorted singing. You rapidly remove the shell from your ear, throw it back into the water and walk away.
SIREN is an electroacoustic listening experience of being abducted by sirens: a journey through different sound worlds. Listen with good headphones for maximum effect!
The clip below is a shortened, condensed version of the work. 
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