Commissioned by Mosaic Voices, London. 
Sim Shalom is a modern meditation on peace.
In setting the Sim Shalom text – the peace prayer – I was acutely aware that the call to grant peace is something that also implies its opposite. Our current moment has prompted many of us to think about power structures, community and exclusion in a very focussed way. In this piece, I wanted to hint at the light as well as the shade - the deep yearning for peace, but also what might be behind it.
Sim Shalom was premiered by Mosaic Voices (cond. Michael Etherton) at the New West End Synagogue, London (16th February 2020). It was the first work by a non-male composer ever to be performed in an Orthodox Synagogue in the UK, as reported by UK media outlets
Sim Shalom will be published as part of Mosaic Voices' Blue Book Project. Supported by Arts Council England, the Blue Book Project is about developing Jewish choral repertoire and bringing it to a much wider public. Further information can be found here
'Meta Cohen’s “Sim Shalom”, [...] sung by the male voices only, has beautiful introspective passages that were sung with great sensitivity by the singers.' (Len Power, CityNews)
COMPOSER / Meta Cohen
TEXT / Trad.
PERFORMERS (premiere, February 2020) / Mosaic Voices, London, cond. Michael Etherton (musical dir.: Michael Etherton) 
PERFORMERS (Exile Lamentations, October 2020) / Luminescence Chamber Singers, cond. AJ America
PERFORMERS (recording) / Mosaic Voices, London (Karl Gietzmann, Miles D'Cruz, Benjamin Till, Dickon Gough), cond. Michael Etherton (musical dir.: Michael Etherton). Recorded at Sonica Studios, London Mixed by Sam Featherstone 
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