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Mutterings, for SSAA vocal ensemble (2012). Premiered at the Sydney Opera House.
Duration 4:00

T'ga Za Jug, for SSAA vocal ensemble, cello, finger cymbals and hand drum (2012)
Duration 2:30

Sea Fever for SSA choir, violin and piano (2014). Commissioned by Trinity Grammar School Junior Choir.
Duration: 4:30

Pins & Needles for SSA choir and piano (2014). Commissioned by Trinity Grammar School Junior Choir.
Duration: 4:00

The Breaking of Words for SSAATTBB vocal ensemble (2015). Premiered at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Duration: 6:00

Caedo, for SSAATTBB vocal ensemble (2018)
Duration: 7:00 

Sim Shalom, for TTBB vocal ensemble (2020). Commissioned by Mosaic Voices, London.
Duration: 4:20



Sea Rose for soprano and string quartet (2012).
Duration 2:00 
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