Atem / Breath is an interactive performing experience for bassoonist and Max patch. It deals with self-determination and freedom in art making. 
The piece consists only of boxed material. The performer has the complete freedom to play the material at any speed, volume, or with any emotion they choose, or indeed to deviate entirely from the material and improvise within the mode. However, their only restriction is that when the program tells them to, they must move on to the next group of material. The live sound is processed with predetermined effects and techniques through Max MSP and spat back out of the program. 
Atem / Breath is a piece about autonomy. Is it possible to be creative when your every move is predetermined? And, ultimately, is it possible to have control over your artistic output when external factors inevitably influence it?
Premiere: Sydney Conservatorium of Music
PERFORMER / Leona Cohen
Score sample: (score includes Max Patch)
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